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Today was a day that bewildered our portfolios, said farewell to the weak hands and offered handshakes to the ones left standing. This was the day that Bitcoin decided to drop a knife from the peak of Mount Everest while we watched it fall to its trough. It was a tough day indeed. Bitcoin was a falling knife.

Bitcoin dropped 34% from it’s high. Eth dropped 32%. The average Flourishing AI portfolio dropped 5.9%.

Users of the Flourishing Capital Bot have statistically been able to prevent losses on their portfolios by using FAI’s deep learning blockchain analysis and high frequency…

Technology has always played a significant role for co-founder, serial entrepreneur, digital entertainment, and fintech industry veteran Will, going way back to age eleven and programming games was his hobby. We spoke with Will regarding his journey leading up to Flourishing Capital and his vision for the company.

How did you get started?

My inspiration for starting my own company came after working for Loopt founder Sam Altman. I started in games with Andrograde Arcade in 2008, developing the first online virtual currency and microtransactions platform to support their freemium games. …

We are excited to be featured on The Birb Nest, discussing our project and what the future holds!

The Birb Nest is a podcast that combines education and entertainment in the crypto industry, focusing on key matters within the blockchain world. Discussions range from investment strategies to gaining insight on new projects as well as upcoming trends and adoption news. These informative sessions are wrapped up cohesively in an entertaining form of short interviews, quizzes, and stories. The information they provide is educational and thought-provoking and we look forward to being a part of this movement.

At Flourishing Capital, we’ve been working diligently and efficiently to enhance our product! We’ve added 3 new high caliber performing engineers to our team who are continuously discovering new and innovative ways to flourish within this space.

A unique feature that we developed is a bot embedded within telegram. The Flourishing Capital bot gives users a multi faceted insight using a multitude of data points. Our high frequency algorithm compiles large datasets from various sources and exchanges to produce results that allow you to make better trading/investment decisions so that you’re confident in your decision! Take a look!

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Eric Gonzalez comes to Flourishing Capital leveraging years of experience in the tech world providing innovative, integrated and carefully crafted solutions for clients like Oracle, NetSuite, Aria. He has launched 3 startups and has learned to balance the challenges of growing sustainably and scaling operations to meet the needs of new market entry

I spoke with Eric about his inspirations behind FlourishingCapitalAI and how his dream was brought to fruition

What is your vision for FlourishingAI?

“Each innovation I have helped create has, at its core, aimed to provide both improved return on investment for capital projects and ease of…

Introducing FlourishingAI

FlourishingAI is a first-of-its-kind platform that makes crypto investing simple and smart for investors by leveraging AI powered risk managed high frequency trading to dynamically adapt portfolio strategy to profit in bull markets and preserve capital in bear markets. Their native token is aptly named, “AI”.

FlourishingAI is live RIGHT NOW and with competitors leaning towards the one size fits all approach favoring experienced traders, FlourishingAI works to combat this method by appealing to a wide set of investors in crypto ranging from newbies to seasoned vets and everything in between. Now, new cryptonians have the luxury to finally trade…

Flourishing Madi

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast with a love of all things blockchain. Marketing for Flourishing Capital - FlourishingAI

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